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Mistaken Ideas For Floor Selection

Myth One: The wear resistance of the floor can be measured by the key row

More than one salesperson in the display of its brand floor plate finishes high quality, choose to use the key to paddle back and forth on the surface of the plate, and then point out for reporters there is no trace on the floor, there are salespeople with a marker pen on the floor surface casually write and then easily wipe away with a rag, in order to prove that the plate has good dirt resistance Expert analysis: The national standard on the surface of the plate wear resistance and anti-fouling have clear requirements. Experts say that the demo made by the salesperson is actually the minimum performance that should be available on the surface of the sheet, which does not explain the problem.

Because in the actual test, the detection means and conditions are much more stringent.

Myth Two: Floor plate or imported good When choosing wood flooring, many consumers will be entangled in the choice of domestic plate or imported plate, some salespeople also spare no effort to promote imported plate: "Imported plate environmental performance is the best."

"But the price of imported boards is also about 20%--100% higher than that of domestic boards." Expert analysis: Experts believe that, in terms of quality, the current domestic large-scale flooring enterprises products are not worse than some imported flooring, usually in line with national standards of the plate in environmental performance and usability should be clearance. If you take foreign environmental protection grade E1 and domestic E0 grade comparison, it is not as good as EO level of environmental protection! It can only be said that some exporting countries have high levels of quality control and relatively stable product quality. But at least it is in line with China's national standards, otherwise it will not let him sell in China.

He says consumers don't have to be too superstitious or choose to be good based on their financial abilities.

Myth Three: Geothermal to choose a special, even wood flooring is not suitable. In fact, this is a big mistake, wood floor thermal conductivity is a little slower, but this is also the advantage, with heating and cooling amplitude is not fierce, suitable for the elderly children, but once the temperature up, and tiles are the same.



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